The Definitive Collection Aluminium Triple Track Patio Door

Combining narrow profiles and high thermal performance, the innovative triple track three pane Patio Door has become a popular alternative to Bi-folding doors, due to its simplicity in design using less vertical mullions across a wider span.

This premium range Patio Door is an uncomplicated and easy to understand solution that removes most of the design considerations that can often be confusing when choosing a Bi-folding door.  There’s certainly no fuss around operating a sliding door left to right or right to left.  Panels one and two slide neatly behind panel three as you can see illustrated.

The heavy duty rollers used to manufacture the door, enable the operation to be both smooth and consistent.

The master door incorporating the handle also boasts a 4 hook bolt multi-point locking system and one-piece keep which gives added strength & additional protection against unwanted intruders.  All of our doors carry the same principle of ‘designing out crime’ and feature 3* High security cylinders as standard.

An Inline Patio Door can also overcome potential space issues, as it’s space saving in both design and function as it does not need to open in or open out.

Wider panels (*up to 2000mm in width) are available which can incorporate more glass and offer increased light transmission to darker spaces.
*Please note the maximum width of each panel is only a guideline and is restricted in the height. Before you embark on any building work, please ask one of our design consultants for advice & guidance.

If you would like to see a working example we have recently installed one in our head office showroom in Scarborough. This also features a range of the increasing popular  integral venetian blind system by Uniblind.

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